Bottling and packaging machines

BBM can offer you ad hoc solutions for any necessity: from packaging of water-soft drinks, food products, chimical products, cosmetic products, etc.

In the section "USED REFURBISHED-GUARANTEED" you can find the machines used-refurbished of BBM's property that can be updated in order to work products in new formats and/or packages, so to satisfy the market exigency.

If you are still searching for the right machine to package your product, visit the section "PROJECT AND DEVELOP OF SPECIAL SOLUTION" where you can find some of the customized solutions designed by our technical department.

For products packaging with low speed, trust to "SMIPACK PACKAGING MACHINES" composed by several models of shrinkwrappers with or without tunnel and handle applicators among you can select the most suitable to your exigency.

Second-hand bottling packaging lines and machinestrinagolo

Competence of an experienced and well-prepared team, flexibility of a customized solution and reliability.

Project and develop of special solutiontrinagolo

All our experience to make what you are thinking about the package of your product.

Smipack packaging machines trinagolo

Complete range of machines for the packaging of your products
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