Pick and Place, handling and stacking system

The Pick & Place systems are compact and versatile solutions for the handling of products of different nature; they are used to create multi-layer configurations, for the handling/transfer or inserting products into trays, boxes, blister packs, etc. Each pick and place is customized for the product to be treated and for the required application, ensuring the necessary flexibility for every application.

The main applications are:
a) realization of multilayer formats;
b) handling and transfer of products for subsequent processing;
c) automatic boxing of products;
d) automation of entire production processes and packaging.

BBM HSB-30 portal fram handling system

Handling system with controlled electric axis with portal frame suitable for bundles, boxes and products of different type and dimension high speed handling.
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BBM SIA-25 Pneumatic stacker

Compact and flexible mechanical stacker machine, for stacking products with different size and dimension such as boxes on multi layer pattern.
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BBM IAF Beta-R pick and place

Pick and place cartesian axis for handling and automatic boxing of mini-bottles in different formats.
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BBM IAP-25 pick and place

Pick and place a 2 cartesian axis compact and versatile for the creation of multilayer formats of bags and other products of different shapes and sizes.
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BBM IAV-25 pick and place

Compact and flexible 2 axis stacker/loading-in machine for stacking, handling and loading into RSC cases or others containers products with different size.
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