Smipack packaging machines

SMIPACK machines are used in many market segments: food (bakery, pastry, pizza, vegetables, drinks and preserved food), not food (products for graphic, electronic and mechanical, laundry, toys, household items and cleaning, perfumes and pharmaceutical products), packaging for third parties and large retail account.

Handle applicator Smipacktrinagolo

The handle applicator Smipack - Serie HA - is composed by automatic handle applicators on shrink film packs, cardboard cases, bricks, paper rolls or rigid packs.

Shrinkwrapper Smipacktrinagolo

The shrink-wrapper Smipack - Serie BP - stands out for bottles, cans, boxes, trays, jars, carton packaging.

Shrinkwrapper with tunnel Smipacktrinagolo

The shrink-wrapper SMIPACK - Serie FP - stands out for the modular frame: the models can be supplied with or without shrink tunnel.
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