Used rinser and filler machines

Used filler machines for PET bottles.
Upon request, the used filler can be customized for specific processes, being equipped with change-over kit, customizations and conversions for the neck finishing required.
The used fillers models are available overhauled at our showroom in Lenna (BG).
SARCMI 96-100-12

SARCMI 96-100-12

Reference BBM: U17.022-RIEM

Used filler SARCMI with capper Arol 12H with nominal production up to 15.000bph with format 1500ml.

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Simonazzi Bluestar 70-90-15

SIMONAZZI Bluestar 70-90-15

Reference BBM: U17.034-RIEM Used isobaric monobloc filler SIMONAZZI Bluestar 2000  70-90-15 , capper  Arol pick & place15H,  nominal capacity up to 22.500bph&n...
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RIVI isobarica

RIVI 70-12 Isobaric

Reference BBM: U16.059-RIEM

Used isobaric filler-capper RIVI for PET bottles with nominal production up to 16.000 bph with 1,5lt format.

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SARCMI 100-20

Reference BBM: U16.043-RIEM

Used filler SARCMI with capper ZALKIN 20H with nominal production up to 21.000bph with format 1500ml.

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Reference BBM: U15.014-RIEM

Used triblock MELEGARI MANGHI for round and square PET bottles with nominal production up to 18.000bph with 0,5lt format.

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