It is not unusual that the jealousy of knowledge and know-how prevents from building a reciprocal trust between who sells their service and who buys it. In BBM, the board has always believed that sharing the skills is a key concept for a company, from older colleagues teaching to new ones to transmitting to a costumer the amount of information to carry out the best practices autonomously, as much as possible. “It’s a philosophy we implemented in BBM straight away, since its establishment, shaping the company accordingly,” the founders echo.

BBM has translated this concept into concrete training programmes. The main idea is to pass on the technicians and workers of the customer who will work on bottling lines and machines how to take advantage of the full potential of their blow-moulding machines, filling machines, shrink-wrapping ones etc. That is increasingly necessary in a sector in which innovation steps may happen suddenly, revolutionising the market. To be able to offer this high-quality service and cope with new technologies we organise training courses for our technicians and our sales partners, agents and dealers. With BBM you can be always updated and have your bottling machines working efficiently!

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