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Unwinding system and cutting group with brushless

Unwinding film system for bottling machineries

Unwinding film system for bottling machineries and cutting group with brushless.

The upgrade on the unwinding and cutting system can be applied on many models of shrink-wrapping machines with single or double lanes by different manufacturers.
1. FILM UNWINDING & STRETCHING: managed by PLC, it detects the real time diameter of the reel, adjusting automatically the quantity of the film to be dispensed and guaranteeing steady unwinding and tensioning, avoinding tears, stretching or missing cuts.
2. CUTTING GROUP: brushless servo-motor related to the cutting of the film reel; it guarantees a greater accuracy of the cutting, essential for printed film, also reducing the mechanical parts subject to wear.

a) It makes possible to reduce the film thickness, granting a considerable cost-saving on the material.
b) It solves the different problems caused by the inconstant film unwinding.
c) It solves the problem of film tensioning-change due to the change of the reel circumference.
d) It improves the quality and precision of the film cuts.

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