Governance and Ethics

BBM actively commits to conducting its operations in compliance with the prevailing legislation of the countries in which it operates, adhering to the principles outlined in its Code of Ethics. All actions, operations, and corporate behaviors adhere to the general constraints of diligence, fairness, and integrity.

To ensure compliance with ethical and integrity values, which should guide the conduct of all parties involved in the business activity, including employees, collaborators, suppliers, and customers, BBM has established a set of measures formalizing the respective corporate guidelines.

In addition to a Corporate Ethical Code, the organization has formulated policies specifically regulating the relationship with Suppliers, the Anti-Corruption theme, Gifts, Privacy, and cases of Discrimination, Harassment, and Mobbing.


BBM has also initiated the implementation of whistleblowing, a mechanism through which employees or external parties can confidentially and anonymously report unethical behaviors or practices within the organization. These behaviors may include fraud, corruption, abuse of power, violations of the law, or breaches of corporate ethical standards. Whistleblowing provides a secure and protected communication channel for reporting such issues, enabling us to address them promptly and appropriately.

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