BBM designs and builds tailor-made bottling and packaging machines; special solutions able to satisfy the most particular application needs

Tailor-made machines are developed according to your specific requirements, designed by our technical department offering maximum flexibility, both in terms of construction and performance. A tailor-made solution that allows you to realise what you have thought for the packaging of your product, guaranteeing the results. You can count on years of qualified experience in the field, know-how and an organised structure to achieve your goals. If you have a winning idea in your head, share it with us, even if only the basic data, and through design, prototyping and acceptance tests, what you have imagined can become a real product.

If you are looking for a good deal, have a look at our “SECOND-HAND MACHINES” section in which you can find the machines used-overhauled by BBMwhich can also be customised to work products in new formats and/or packages, so to satisfy the market exigency.

SMIPACK shrink wrappers

Smipack - FP Series - packaging machines are characterised by their modularity: models can be supplied with or without a shrink tunnel.

Universal connection module UNICOM

It allows you to eliminate tapes, optimize spaces and reduce water and energy consumption
Sbobinatore manuale_bottling machine

Shrinkwrapper reel unwinder

for separation of residual shrink film from reel

Big bottle size blow moulding machine

Blower machine with single mould and manual loading for the PET preform blowing, with formats from 5 to 25l
Banco di accumulo BBM Service

Single Lane Dynamic Accumulation Table


Automatic plastic case washer

The innovative automatic washing system for returnable glass bottle crates, up to 50,000 bottles/hour.

Pick & place

Pick&Place with cartesian axis, handling and stacking devices for the manipulation and overlapping of products.

Handling system with controlled electric axis

In a small space, HSB-30 arranges the received products according to the required pattern: multi-channel distribution, rotation and free passage.

Automatic stacker machines

Compact and versatile automatic stackers for creating multi-layer formats of cases, boxes and other products of different shapes and sizes

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