Conveyors for bottling and packaging plants

Innovative solutions for handling bottles, cans, bundles, boxes, and pallets in your bottling and packaging plants. With a wide range of custom-designed conveyors, we are ready to meet your specific industrial handling needs. What sets us apart?

• Re-use of existing equipment

For the design of conveyor systems, BBM Service’s engineering department retrieves used equipment, conducting real cut-and-sew activities on the belts. The goal? To optimize costs and promote sustainable investment. How? BBM restores the elements in good condition, replacing worn components instead. An example of revamping includes replacing guide rails, traction and return wheels, and refurbishing shafts. BBM leverages the original structure of the belts and recovers their motors, maintaining their mechanical integrity and reliability. In the case of rollers, it’s also possible to proceed with repainting, thanks to the collaboration with Colorsolution, a company within the BBM group.

• Competitive delivery times, and excellent value for money

Thanks to the recovery of existing parts, we guarantee the delivery of high-quality material in short and significantly reduced times compared to purchasing new.

• Adaptability and customization

Every conveyor system is custom-designed to fit the specific needs of your facility, ensuring maximum efficiency and operational flexibility. An example of customization is the automatic adjustment of containment guides, for quick and precise format changes.


  • Fornitura nastri BBM

• Advanced technology

We utilize advanced technologies and collaborate with specialized partners to offer high-quality solutions. An example? The upgrade of software for management and re-layout. BBM performs upgrades on conveyor control panels to enhance the operation of production flows. Additionally, we provide engineering and re-layout services to optimize space and production.

Packs and cases conveyors

conveyor belts for bulk products
BBM_Conveyor belt curve


curves to change the direction of the flow of bottles or bundles along the line
BBM_Active transfer plates

Active transfer plates

Versatile kits for joining two or more conveyor belts, in various configurations
BBM_Multi-flavor packaging

Multi-flavor packaging

To pack different flavors in a single package
BBM_Air conveyors

Air conveyors

bottling air conveyor system

Bottle conveyors

conveyor belts for bulk products
BBM_Automatic format change on conveyors

Automatic format change

Rapid and precise modification of conveyor belt parameters
BBM_nastro di affiancamento

Side conveyors

Conveyors for transporting cylindrical or truncated-cone bottles
BBM_Disco di accumulo in loop

Loop bottle conveyor

to route the bottle in a circular path and ensure smoothness of the line
BBM_Bottle storage disks (

Bottle storage disks

Smooth transition between machines with different speeds
BBM_Depalletizer bottle unloading station

Depalletizer’s bottle unloading station

To convey returnable bottles towards to the bottling line
BBM_Discensore fardeli Ambaflex

Lifting Conveyor Ambaflex

Overhauled and guaranteed Ambaflex lifting conveyor

Request quotes for Lifting Conveyor Ambaflex

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