Glass bottling plant with a capacity of 10,000 bph

BBM reference: LIN_glass_VAP


Second-hand bottling plant, reconditioned and guaranteed, with a speed of up to 10,000 bph. Ideal for bottling natural still and sparkling water in returnable glass bottles. Current format: 750 mL. Machine list: According to the customer's needs, the machinery on the line can be replaced with other models (e.g., tray packer or wrap-around packaging machines). BBM Service's technical office will prepare a customized layout based on the customer's needs.

Technical features

Machines : Linea
Max speed : 10.000 bph
Current size (ml) : 750 ml 750 ml
Container material : Vetro Glass
Worked product : Acqua piatta - acqua gasata
Neck finish type : Talog
Number of grippers : 28
Number of valves : 60
Number of capping heads : 12
CO2 :
Type of transfer : Martinetti
Capper Brand : Arol
Type of label : Carta pretagliata
Type of glue : Cold Glue
Number of plates : 16
Machine Pitch (mm) : 187 mm
Machine type : Rotativa
Working direction : Oraria
Number of label magazines : 2
Packaging Type : Wrap-around
Number of lanes : 4
Pallets handled : Expal 800x1200mm
Automatic interleaf applicator : Yes Si
Number of reels : 1
Machine condition : AS IT IS - overhauled and guaranteed Vista e piaciuta / Revisionata con garanzia
Warranty : 6 months 6 mesi
Where to audit : BBM Showroom – Lenna (BG)


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