BBM Packaging – AKIS Mobile: the APP to best serve you


BBM has developed an app to maximize the efficiecny of interventions and installations on bottling and packaging machines and lines

Last Friday, 8th February 2019, we presented to our technicians the AKIS mobile app, the app to improve our efficiency on the management of interventions and installations worldwide. AKIS, which is an acronym for all the things that will be managed with the app, will improve also the experience of the customer, as they can be certain that their feedback on the result of the installation, commssioning, maintenance and assistance is directly send to BBM offices and precisely to the people in charge of the technician coordination.

Our technicians, thanks to the app, will have all the documentation avialable and they will also be ablo to request further necessary documents to the manager in San Pellegrino, in a matter of minutes, on-site, in a format which can be easily used.