BBM Packaging-upgrade blow moulder SIDEL – SERIE1


BBM PACKAGING can provide you a series of upgrades for Sidel Series 1 blow moulder that allow you to work on your product, achieving energy and cost savings.

Our goal is to offer technical solutions that meet the actual needs of the customer, guarantee high-level performance and ensure cost savings.

In the enclosed brochure you will find a brief presentation of the upgrades for Sidel Series 1 blow moulder, designed and built by BBM PACKAGING that allow:
a) savings on the purchase of the raw material;
b) savings on energy consumption;
c) savings on the purchase of a new generation machine.

The upgrades for blower Sidel Series 1 available are:
1. neck finishing conversion;
2. ceramic panels;
3. migration from Siemens S5 to S7;
4. piromat modification;
5. implementation of static relé.