BBM Service's engineering department has designed and built the first universal module that allows the elimination of air belts for bottle transport between the main PET line machines.

The module is called UNICOM because it unifies and combines a blow molding and filling machine of any manufacturer. The module, designed to modernize and optimize the PET bottling line, consists of a bench aimed at transporting bottles between the two machines in a short distance, reducing water and energy consumption, the risks of bottle contamination, and the problems of crushing and distortion of the bottles themselves.

Technical Features

  • Precision pairing for adapting different blow molding/filling machines
  • Mechanical transmission with axes dependent on a single motor drive
  • Transfer star-wheel
  • Hydraulic cooling circuit
  • Nominal production: 25.000 bph


  • Adapts to every blow molding-filling machine
  • Eliminates conveyors between blow molding and filler machine
  • Reduces the line's dimension
  • Eliminates bottle deformation and rubbing
  • Better bottle bottom cooling
  • Energy and water saving

Options available

  • Stainless steel structure - easily cleaned and resistant
  • Fan cabin to keep air clean from external particles
  • Automatic adjustment system to adapt to different formats
  • Bottle chiller