Conveyor for bottling line: BBM PACKAGING offers its knowhow for the study and realization of your packaging line and the logistics management of the line.

From preliminary engineering to the supply and installation of conveyor systems, from an unique contractor.

Our services:
a) Lines’ layout engineering.
b) Engineering and automation of the lines.
c) Supply of conveyors.
d) Re-locations of entire lines and plants.

Our products:
a) Motorized conveyors for the food and industrial sector.
b) Air conveyors for the transport of empty PET bottles, from blower to filler machine.
c) Conveyors for filled bottles, cans, trays, bundles, carton box and other products.
d) Storage pallets.
e) Liners, dividers and handling systems for cylindrical and not cylidrical products.
f) Automatic change-over system of products transport lines.

The containment product guides adjustment is automatically realized on all the line, just choosing the program from touch screen panel operator, without direct intervention by the operator.
The transmission through unknotted joints, transfer cases and encoder guarantee the maximum precision about the position, adjustments repetitiveness, reduced change over time.


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