Discover BBM PACKAGING’s wide Range of overhauled and updated, second-hand fillers, rinsers and capping machines.

Discover a diverse selection of meticulously refurbished and guaranteed fillers and rinsers at BBM PACKAGING. Our inventory showcases a careful selection of machines that have been fully overhauled and are offered at very competitive prices.

Customization options are available to accommodate specific requirements. From installing changeover kits to personalizing the filling processes for your products, BBM offers tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Explore our solutions today! If you can’t find the perfect fit, simply fill out our form with your request.


COMBI: SIDEL blow molder SBO16 and Gangloff filler

COMBI Blow Molder, UNICOM, and Filler 20,000 bph

COMBI: Blow Molder SIDEL SBO10 and Filler Gangloff

COMBI Blow Molder, UNICOM, and Filler 16,000 bph
BBM_Riempitrice Gangloff

Filler Gangloff

used filler machine, overhauled and guaranteed
BBM_Riempitrice Procomac Gripstar

Filler Procomac Gripstar

used, overhauled and guaranteed procomac filler

Filling monoblock Fimer

Filler - used, overhauled and guaranteed
Riempitrice Cobert Olimpia_BBM Service_usata, revisionata e garantita

Filler Cobert Olimpia

Riempitrice usata, revisionata e garantita
BBM_Capsuling machine_product

Capsuling machine

used capsuling machine
Sciacquatrice Procomac Gripstar BBM Service_usata, revisionata e garantita

Rinser Procomac Gripstar

Used, overhauled and guaranteed rinser

Filler Simonazzi Azzurra 120

Filler Simonazzi Azzurra 120
elevatore tappi

Cap Elevator

Used cap elevator, overhauled and guaranteed




simonazzi europa glass filler

Request quotes for SIMONAZZI EUROPA 60-12 GLASS FILLER

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