BBM Packaging Solutions

BBM is an Italian company that operates in several areas of the automatized packaging systems: our decennial experience in the turnkey supply of equipment, machines and bottling lines for water and soft drinks, has allowed us to acquire through time competence, professionalism and high service levels.

We offer specific solutions, personalizations, functional changes. Our technical department translates any production needs of our customers; it is up to our skilled technicians then put into practice.
Our innovative approach to service and production is identifiable in a few words: Service, Machines and Much More. 
A unique contractor you can rely on for making the right choice for your business.

assistenza-tecnica technical assistancetrinagolo The BBM technical assistance works on several machine models of the main international manufacturers guaranteeing always the efficiency of the interventions. assistenza-tecnica machinestrinagolo Buy a machine from BBM means to avail the competence of an experienced technical team, the flexibility of a solution modeled by surprise test and guarantee of reliability. assistenza-tecnica spare partstrinagolo BBM is a valid alternative for which concerned the supply of spare parts, available in stock, quickly usable and by the economic value.
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