BBM: Excellence, Innovation, and Reliability in Spare Parts for Bottling and Packaging

In BBM, quality is not just a goal but a distinctive hallmark that sets us apart in the field of spare parts for bottling and packaging machinery. Explore the three pillars of our quality: high standards, enduring performance, and uncompromising reliability

BBM provides compatible spare parts for bottling and packaging machinery used in water, beverages, and food products. To ensure the compliance of spare parts, BBM has established a rigorous quality control process and designed a metrology room equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

  • Stringent quality control procedures are ensured through the presence of an in-house metrology room
  • We collaborate with esteemed partners, selected suppliers who conduct thorough analyses on after-market items, in addition to our internal tests. All suppliers undergo constant monitoring through a vendor-rating process
  •  Internal compliance reports are diligently prepared


BBM’s Metrology Room: an ideal environment for achieving the highest levels of quality and productivity.

BBM built a real in-house metrology room. BBM’s Metrology Room is a climate-controlled environment equipped with the necessary tools for highly precise dimensional control. Among the instruments available are large-sized digital calipers, external and internal digital micrometers, bore gauges, hardness testers, surface roughness testers, profile projector, digital microscope, and other devices for the most accurate measurement of component parameters


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Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of analyzing a product to understand its structure and design principles, often with the goal of reproducing it – always in compliance with the intellectual property laws in force. Reverse engineering can be used for various purposes, such as improving or correcting an existing product.

With FARO Technologies’ Quantum Max measurement arm, BBM conducts comprehensive measurements on the customer’s machine. The precise dimensional detection allows faithful reproduction of spare parts, including those no longer commercially available. The arm ensures exceptional speed and accuracy, facilitating 3D inspections and swift identification of defects.

Thanks to its portability and a reach of 2.5 meters, we conduct measurements even on large or complex-shaped parts, both within our facility and at the customer’s site.

ZEISS Scanning Measurement Machine

The metrology room at BBM boasts a crown jewel: a ZEISS Duramax three-dimensional scanning measurement machine, a leading brand in precision measurement. With advanced scanning technology, computer-assisted micron precision, high-resolution measurement, and complete automation, BBM’s measurement machine features an unparalleled system in its category.

New Entry: ZEISS Optical Machine

The brand-new ZEISS optical machine is now in operation, equipped with a high degree of automation and cutting-edge sensors for swift and even more precise measurement of components distributed by BBM.

Through the combined action of the two machines, a 360-degree control of the piece is achieved – the first is ideal for measuring medium and large-sized surfaces and complex parts, while the second is perfect for small components and precision parts.

Why rely on the quality of BBM Service?

The pursuit of quality is a meticulous process, essential for identifying the critical aspects of a component and resolving them to enhance performance and extend its lifespan. BBM is a reliable partner in pinpointing even the most specific issues with components, aiming to improve performance through new treatments and coatings. The ultimate goal? Enhancing the component’s lifespan and, consequently, the overall durability of the machine.

Even the BBM spare parts used in maintenance interventions for the bottling line undergo this meticulous process. Only when declared suitable, the spare parts are authorized for shipment and storage.


Ufficio qualità


BBM invests significantly in the continuous training of its technical office. Annually, our engineers and designers participate in stimulating training sessions at prestigious institutions such as the University of Bergamo – Faculty of Engineering and the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo. Focusing on fundamental topics such as innovative materials, both metals and plastics, we are committed to ensuring ever-increasing quality to meet the growing demands of our customers.

Safe and Fast Response Times

An invaluable PLUS not to be underestimated –Every customer request is handled promptly, never compromising on the quality and accuracy of responses. Explore the efficiency of our logistics infrastructure, enabling us to constantly monitor incoming requests and fulfill orders in the shortest possible time.

BBM spare parts

A model of automation

We have invested in expanding our stock and automation to ensure a wide availability of compatible spare parts in a short turnaround time

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