To address the challenges of the industry, we have invested in enhancing the stock of compatible spare parts for bottling and packaging. Moreover, we automated the entire supply chain

Investments and innovation to optimize the customer experience

Our passion materializes in constant commitment and relentless pursuit of improvement. In recent years, we have made significant investments in the field of digitization and industry 4.0. This has allowed us to ensure greater flexibility and cost control.


Our warehouse: a pulsating core of efficiency and availability

BBM Service represents a reliable independent alternative for supplying spare parts for bottling and packaging machinery. We have an extensive on-site warehouse of mechanical, pneumatic, and electronic components compatible with leading brands in the industry.

Our warehouse spans an area of 1,800 m² (almost 80 m³) and houses a wide range of parts ready to be shipped. We always strive to anticipate market needs.

The issue of scarcity in mechanical and electronic components is directly impacting food & beverage businesses. How do we ensure constant availability, certain delivery times, and prices lower than the market average for our customers?

A single warehouse for all customer facilities

We activate exclusive storage programs to protect the stocks of our preferred customers. We offer component revision kits to help you save on individual part costs, reduce inventory levels, and facilitate maintenance operations.

We are investing to expand the existing stock

BBM offers a wide range of spare parts compatible with major OEMs. In 2024, we will install 4 vertical automated warehouses, adding almost 100 m³, to handle order fulfillment in a more structured and rapid manner. With the new automated warehouses, we will enhance logistics, optimize storage, and expedite order delivery, ensuring a cutting-edge service.

We guarantee worldwide shipping

Our network of foreign agents facilitates supply in both EU and non-EU territories. In case of emergencies, a support office will handle the order as quickly as possible. Our inventory planning, optimization, and management strategy aim to confirm BBM’s customer-centric approach.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for real-time management and control of production

The adoption of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) has revolutionized our supply chain. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, the supply process has been fully automated, allowing for more efficient order management, increased accuracy, and reduced lead times.

The MES, integrated with the company’s ERP, enables digital and automated production management, reducing manual interventions and paper usage.

Our commitment to operational excellence is reflected in every aspect of our business. We will continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies and adopt best practices to ensure that our warehouse is always up to the challenges of the market.

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