For the customer Oleificio Zucchi we have installed a new system of adjustable guides to facilitate the change of format in the sections of product channeling.


Oleificio Zucchi, was looking for a solution that would allow the changeover to be carried out easily and safety, without wasting too much time disassembling the individual elements.

We carried out a technical audit at the customer’s plant, and after a careful analysis of the customer’s needs and production specifications, we proposed and designed, thanks to our technical department, a solution of fully adjustable guides.

The system adopted by Zucchi until then was a system that, by means of a winch, a steel wire, allowed the lifting of the whole system of guides and therefore the movement of all the sides that were put on the ground and entirely replaced for the new format. The mechanical disassembly of the components, however, was too time and space-consuming, logistically required too much equipment to be allocated close to the work area.

We have therefore designed and developed a new system, which, by means of mechanical joints, allows the sides to be adjusted by a crank, without having to dismantle any components. This mechanism allows the sliding and adjustment of the different radiuses of the curves in a mechanical manner by operating it from a single point.

This is an excellent system that, after an audit and verification of line requirements, can be applied to any product channeling system.


Oleificio Zucchi, a historic Italian company founded in 1810 as a family-run business, is a leading Italian industrial and commercial reality in the oil sector, where it operates both as a producer of olive oils and seed oils under its own brand and private label.

The current production site of 80,000 square meters near Cremona is an example of cutting-edge technology and environmental sustainability, with a production capacity of about 500 tons / day refined and 1,500,000 liters / day packaged. The numerous recognitions and certifications testify to Oleificio Zucchi’s unceasing commitment to achieving increasingly higher quality and safety standards, the result of a company approach focused on innovation, but at the same time faithful to the values of tradition.

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