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More and more customers are asking for a complete or partial assembly of machinery and industrial plants, as well as assembly of mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical parts. We perform this service on behalf of third parties or on a contract basis: assembly can be carried out at our plant, offering customers the advantage of not having to occupy their space or commit resources and equipment.

Why outsource to BBM?

BBM ha deciso di dedicare 400 metri quadri della sua area produttiva al montaggio e collaudo di macchinari nuovi. Delegando il lavoro di montaggio ai nostri tecnici specializzati, il cliente può contare su un valido supporto, esternalizzando incombenze e responsabilità. Offriamo tempi certi, qualità e flessibilità nella produzione.

BBM decided to dedicate 400 square meters of our production area to the assembly and testing of new machinery. In outsourcing to our specialized technicians, the customer can count on valuable support. We offer quality and flexibility in production.

How does it work?

BBM technicians will follow production at the customer’s plant, to acquire all the information needed to carry out an assembly identical to that requested.

The machinery assembly service can facilitate the handling of sudden or complicated orders. Thanks to our experience in the field of bottling and automated packaging, we mainly target companies operating in the field of industrial automation, ensuring high-precision machining within a short timeframe.

Seriomac case history

We provided this service to Seriomac, a Bergamo-based company engaged in the design and manufacture of machinery for the packaging of consumer goods. Seriomac is part of the Serioplast Group, a worldwide manufacturer of plastic packaging. Our customer needed to find a reliable partner to whom they could outsource the assembly of some machinery. The choice of BBM Service confirms the long history of collaboration between the two companies, which have been cooperating for several years for maintenance and service work on machinery.

Seriomac supplied the material, together with bills of materials and drawings, for the production of batches of 5 tray-stacking machines. Our technicians, at our factory, took care of all pre-assembly and assembly, up to the start-up of the machinery within the timeframe agreed with the customer.

Industrial roller conveyors

For a major company in the Bergamo area, BBM Service is responsible for the assembly of roller conveyors.
What do we do?

  • Liquid painting, thanks to collaboration with Colorsolution Srl, a company belonging to the BBM Group
  • Bench assembly
  • Assembly of roller conveyors, motors and accessories
  • Packaging and delivery by exceptional transport

Starting with the customer’s 3D drawings and raw material, we are also able to handle and install the entire electrical structure of the rollers, right up to the finished assembly. The customer only supplies the electronic components, while we order all parts for assembly.

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