Machine assembly for third parties – Thanks to our many years of experience with bottling and packaging machinery, we guarantee mastery and a high level of technical know-how.

One service we offer is the complete or partial assembly of machinery and industrial plants – mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical parts. We do this on behalf of third parties or on a contract basis: assembly can be carried out at our plant, offering you the advantage of not having to occupy your sites or commit resources and equipment.

The contract machinery assembly service can facilitate the handling of sudden or complicated orders. By delegating to our specialised technicians, the customer can count on valuable support, outsourcing tasks and responsibilities. We offer respect of deadlines, quality and flexibility in production. With the contract assembly service, we primarily target companies operating in the field of industrial automation, ensuring high-precision work in short times.


Last year, we provided this service to Seriomac, a company that deals with the design of machinery for the packaging of goods. Seriomac is part of the Serioplast Group, a worldwide manufacturer of plastic packaging. Seriomac needed a reliable partner to outsource the assembly of machinery. The choice of BBM Service confirms the long history of collaboration between the two companies, which have been cooperating for several years for maintenance and service work on machinery.

Our specialised technicians followed production at the customer’s for a couple of weeks, in order to acquire all the information to carry out assembly as requested. Seriomac supplied the material, together with bills of materials and drawings, for the production of 5 tray-stacking machines. Our technicians took care of all the pre-assembly and assembly operations, and the start-up of the machinery within the timeframe agreed with the customer.


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