Terme di Crodo S.r.l, a long-standing customer of BBM Service, is a company known for producing a wide range of soft drinks such as LemonSoda, OranSoda, PelmoSoda, Crodo Lisiel and Crodo Chinotto, all drinks based on thermal water from the Crodo springs. In 2018, the company was acquired by Royal Unibrew, a leading multinational beverage company.


LemonSoda is a key player in the Italian market in the citrus category and is perhaps the best known soft drink of Terme di Crodo. In December 2021, following the introduction of the new 250 ml PET format, Terme di Crodo once again entrusted BBM service with the installation of a LemonSoda packaging line, including a shrinkwrapper machine and conveyors. The aim was to create an efficient and flexible line capable of packaging packs in four different formats:

  • bottle 1250 ml, in 3×2
  • bottle 1000ml in 3×2
  • bottle 330 ml in 4×3
  • bottle 250 ml in 2×2

The work included the dismantling and removal of an old packaging machine, which was subsequently replaced by a shrinkwrapper completely overhauled by BBM with commercial electronics and adapted to the existing layout thanks to the careful study of the engineering department.

Following this, a second shrinkwrapper was installed for packaging 250 ml bottles in logistic packs of 6. After integrating the machine with infeed conveyors, the BBM technicians connected it to the existing system and completed the testing.

We thank Terme di Crodo Srl for their cooperation.

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