BBM publishes its first Sustainability Report.

It is with pride that BBM presents its first Sustainability Report, a document that is not yet mandatory for companies of BBM’s size, but considered crucial for sharing with stakeholders the results achieved with regard to the main ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance issues and the objectives for the future. CEO Giuseppe Boffelli talks about BBM and shares the path that led BBM to the publication of the Report.



“The industry’s transition to an environmentally friendly model has revolutionized the machine lifecycle, from design through use and maintenance. BBM has entered this world by designing its business model with a circular perspective.”

What led BBM to its first sustainability report? How important is it in BBM’s strategic choices?

The commitment to sustainability, understood as social, environmental and for the community, has always been explicit in BBM’s mission. For nearly 20 years, we have been in the business by giving a second life to bottling and packaging lines that are no longer in use. Our used equipment business provides the environmental benefits of reducing heavy industrial material, by avoiding the over-disposal of equipment that is still in good condition. In addition, the two-year Covid-19 emergency has made more evident the need for a flexible and resilient growth model, especially in pursuit of the well-being of our employees and the Valley community. These premises prompted BBM to commit itself to new and ambitious environmental, social and governance resolutions, summed up in our first Sustainability Report. With the voluntary publication of the Report, we want to strengthen the release of our nonfinancial information and give our partners an easy-to-read tool to evaluate our sustainable development performance.

Giuseppe Boffelli, CEO di BBM Service
Giuseppe Boffelli, CEO of BBM Service

“We take this opportunity to tell BBM’s story for the first time, sharing our history, values and voice with the reader”.

BBM sostenibile

Bilancio di sostenibilità BBM 2022What do we expect from reading the Sustainability Report?

The report illustrates what has been accomplished in terms of environmental responsibility and ethics, with a special focus on energy efficiency at the plant, responsible management of resources at the customer site, interest in employee growth, and active support for the Brembana Valley community. But the sustainability report is not limited to reporting on what has been done: it also anticipates the future. BBM is committed to finding better, more efficient and faster ways to carry out its activities. This translates into a number of work-in-progress projects that will soon become reality: the expansion of BBM’s stock of compatible spare parts through the installation of vertical warehouses, the implementation of a new software for the control and management of production processes, and the creation of an e-commerce platform intended for the marketing of spare parts. BBM is working on strengthening its brand-new quality department and researching innovative technologies and materials, in collaboration with some important research centers – such as the University of Bergamo. What’s next? BBM has budgeted for the expansion and complete modernization of its production premises from a green perspective. An ambitious project that began in 2021 with the completion of the production hub in Lenna for an area of more than 10,000 sm and will continue with the new look of the offices in San Pellegrino Terme.

To whom is the Sustainability Report addressed?

My invitation to read the Sustainability Report is addressed primarily to our customers, suppliers and community members. From you, we receive the stimuli to pursue sustainable development, and with you we want to establish a dialogue to enhance the initiatives that BBM has undertaken to improve its impact in the context in which it operates. In conclusion, we want to give clear evidence of the strategies implemented and our willingness to continue in this direction.

A final message for those about to read the Report?

These and the many other achievements would not have been possible without the contribution of all BBM employees: my thanks goes to them, for embracing the culture of sustainability and translating it into concrete actions every day. BBM has made mutual trust and professionalism the core values of its business: the same values have inspired us in the creation of the Sustainability Report. Enjoy reading it!

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