Supply of revamped bottling line conveyors. Conveyor belts are one of the main components of the lines, they are the ones that manage the proper functioning of the whole plant and determine its speed. BBM specializes in supplying pack, bottle and air conveyors. What makes us special?


  • Competitive delivery times; by reclaiming existing parts, we guarantee delivery of high quality material in a short period of time
  • The recovery of existing material.

BBM Service’s engineering department is committed to recovering some of the old equipment, using the “cut and sew” technique.

The goal? To optimise costs and promote sustainable investment. In fact, BBM’s mission is to give a second life to disused machinery. Reducing the disposal of heavy industrial material by recycling existing materials guarantees environmental and economic benefits that would not be achieved by buying new equipment only. BBM advocates a circular economy, which aims at not throwing away what still works.

But how? BBM restores elements in good condition and replaces worn components. An example of revamping includes the replacement of slide guides, drive and idler wheels, and the refurbishment of shafts. In the case of roller conveyors, it is also possible to repaint them, thanks to the collaboration with Colorsolution, a company that is part of the BBM group.

Not only that: BBM can carry out the adjustment of the containment guides and the automatic format change. The transmission via articulated joints and encoder boxes ensures maximum positioning accuracy, repeatability of adjustments and drastically reduced changeover times.

BBM exploits the original structure of the belts and recovers their motors, maintaining their mechanical seal and reliability. We carry out component revamping by integrating new and used/revamped components ad hoc, significantly reducing costs for the customer.

  • Fornitura nastri BBM

Can you believe these conveyors are used?

  • Management software upgrade and re-layout

Thanks to the cooperation with exceptional partners, BBM can carry out upgrades on existing switchboards to improve the operation of production flows, also and especially in function of new raw materials (e.g. reduced bottle weight). In addition, to improve the overall result, BBM Service’s technical department is dedicated to engineering the lines with possible re-layouts that optimise space and production.

Thanks to our specialised technicians, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions, preventive maintenance, advice on the current situation and a flexible and fast field service.

In short, what are the advantages? Short delivery times, competitive prices and quality equal to the latest generation’s make us the ideal partner to support you in your future line revamps or ‘new’ supplies.

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