Preventive analysis, layout design, supply and installation in Bulgaria of 5 used and overhauled machinery

One of our most interesting projects in Bulgaria: supply, testing and startup of 5 machinery for the end-of-line of a new water bottling plant. Rilana, a mineral water producer, was looking for some machinery for packaging bottles of a new bottling line. After coming to our production plant in Italy, they chose us for this project. We immediately established a relationship of trust and collaboration that allowed us to carry out an excellent job in a short time, in just 6 months we designed and provided the entire final part of the line.

Rilana produces natural mineral water from the springs in the Rila National Park, near the ononym Monastery of Rila, considered by many to be one of Bulgaria’s most important cultural monuments and part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. The company started its activity in 2016 and is mainly involved in extracting, bottling and distributing water. It immediately obtained the certificates of quality and purity of water.

Rilana was looking for a partner who could guarantee quality work and who could take care of the design and supply of the machinery; a company with many years of experience in the sector to carry out a tailor-made project for the bottling company thanks to a team of qualified technicians able to provide support for the new production start-up. We are very proud that the choice fell on us.

Our technical department has been involved in the study of layout for the positioning of machines and equipment, including the preventive analysis of end-of-line and the optimization of spaces within the plant to increase the plant’s production efficiency and reduce the risk to employees.

Our company also supplied the machines for the water line in the four formats produced from 0.33l to 1.5l. Specifically, we supplied them with 5 used and overhauled machines:

  • SMI SK45T shrinkwrapper: tray and film, with nominal speed 45ppm
  • 2 MAB40 SMI handle applicators: pre-cut cardboard handle with nominal speed 45ppm
  • OCME Palletizer P155 NSF: with nominal speed 18.000bph
  • Robopac Robomatic 30 stretch-wrapper: with nominal speed 30pallet/h

Before the delivery of the machines we carried out the acceptance tests at our plant using the samples provided by the buyer. The testing at BBM was carried out by our technicians with video and photographic support; this is because, in such a delicate moment, we tried to respect all safety principles for the Customer and our operators.

Our technicians then directly installed the machinery at the customer’s headquarters in Bulgaria, also taking care of the start-up and the commissioning of the first format.

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