Glass bottling plant for alcoholic beverages with speed 4000 bph

BBM reference: LIN_04


Bottling plant for alcoholic beverages in glass bottles, with nominal capacity 4000 bph. Glass bottling plant, available either AS IT IS or overhauled and guaranteed. Individual machines in the line are also for sale. Complete with automatic interleaf applicator. Current format 70 cl.

Technical features

Machines : Lines
Model : Line for alcoholic beverages
Max speed : 4000 bph
Container material : Glass
Worked product : Alcoholic beverage
Number of grippers : 28
Number of capping heads : 3
Type of transfer : Body
Capper Brand : Arol
Type of label : Pre-cut paper
Type of glue : Cold Glue
Machine type : rotary
Max. container height : 340 mm
Number of label magazines : 1
Packaging Type : Cardboard box
Number of lanes : 3
Pallets handled : 800×1200 mm
Automatic interleaf applicator : Si Yes
Machine condition : Vista e piaciuta / Revisionata con garanzia AS IT IS - overhauled and guaranteed
Warranty : 6 months
Where to audit : BBM Showroom – Lenna (BG)


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