Plan and Monitor Production from Your Office

Want to monitor bottling and packaging line performance from the comfort of your office? BBM has the solution! Through collaboration with LogiCo Srl, we introduce Line Control, an integrated system that gathers precise real-time data on line efficiency. But that’s not all: the system also provides accurate counts of packaged products during various shifts.


What data do we collect?

We monitor machine status and alarm, stop, and productivity times. More specifically, after setting recipe and production targets, Line Control accurately detects alarm, pause, and working hours for each machine, as well as the number of bottles produced during different shifts of the selected day and across various days of the month. With the system, you can access detailed statistics for each day of the year, even for older machines or those without PLC.

The recorded data is sent to the MES at the end of each batch, allowing for an immediate comparison between different productions. You can install Line Control on the entire bottling line to obtain data for the entire production, or only on a single machine to acquire specific data for that machine. Additionally, thanks to an exclusive application installed on your PC, you can also remotely monitor the production status.

BBM Line Control
Production data is processed into easily understandable graphs, highlighting gaps in the line and realistic improvements achievable over time


What are the benefits?

  1. Improved efficiency: Identify and resolve production inefficiencies or delays in real-time – thus allowing for cost reduction and greater competitiveness.
  2. Advanced planning: Use historical data to plan future production more efficiently, considering production peaks and seasonality.
  3. Detailed reporting: Generate comprehensive reports on production activities, with data accessible through intuitive graphs.
  4. Quick installation: We can install the Supervision System on your machine or complete line in just a few days. Thanks to more efficient and optimized production, we guarantee a rapid return on investment.

The system is applicable to both used and reconditioned BBM machines, as well as machines already in operation at the customer’s facility. In the case of remote control of the system, the user interface can be aligned with that of the machine.


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