In the pulsating heart of the Archaeological Park of the Appian Way, lies a millennium-old water treasure: Acqua S. Maria alle Capannelle, one of the oldest waters in Rome. The spring was accidentally rediscovered in 1952, following drilling for the search for irrigation water.

Officially designated as mineral water with therapeutic properties, it has evolved over the years into a reference point for public access to water. This evolution was marked by the installation of fountains for autonomous water collection by the local community. Additionally, a dedicated bottling facility was established, allowing Acqua Capannelle to be packaged and distributed throughout Italy. In 2021, Acqua Capannelle became part of the agreement between Domicilio Srl and Gioia Spa, innovative distribution companies in the food & beverage sector, becoming their owners. The agreement marked a significant step for Acqua Capannelle, which has planned a development project aimed at transforming the Rome facility into a cutting-edge and fully automated production hub.

As part of this project, Acqua Capannelle sought the expertise of BBM Service, specialized in the supply and installation of bottling and packaging systems.


The customer’s request: a complete and automatic bottling line

Acqua Capannelle’s request was clear: a complete and automatic PET bottling line with a nominal production of 16,000 bottles per hour in formats of 1500 ml and 500 ml. BBM Service embraced the challenge, orchestrating a series of crucial phases for its realization.

The project entrusted to BBM included the dismantling of existing lines, the clearance of the warehouse with waste disposal and retrieval of machinery still in good condition. The technical office of BBM Service took charge of designing a new layout that ensured optimized line efficiency with reduced production times and waste, as well as an improvement in safety for on-site operators. Subsequently, BBM directed the supply of machinery for the new line, already overhauled and adapted to the customer’s needs. BBM also managed the transportation of the machinery to the Acqua Capannelle facility. Here, they handled the assembly and commissioning of the line, providing specialized training for the operators.

The project timeline

The project timeline was tight and precise:

  • March 2021: Initial contacts and site inspections at Acqua Capannelle
  • July 2021: Project presentation
  • September 2021: Contract confirmation
  • October 2021: In just twelve days, BBM performs the conservative disassembly of the existing glass line. BBM independently handles waste disposal and removal of unused industrial material.
  • December 2021: Acqua Capannelle progresses with masonry work for the renovation of the flooring.
  • January and February 2022: BBM completes the clearance of the warehouse with the conservative disassembly of the existing PET line (January 10 – February 1).
  • March 28, 2022: With the collaboration of Tarotrans, Srl, BBM transports the machinery and conveyors of the new line from Lenna to Rome. The assembly intervention begins at the end of March.
  • June 2022: BBM initiates tests for the plant’s commissioning and on-site operator training.

BBM’s response: a job completed in just two months

From the completely empty warehouse to the finished line, the installation took approximately two months and the dedication of 8 BBM technicians. The result? A cutting-edge automated line capable of producing 16,000 bottles per hour in two distinct formats. A success made possible by the valuable collaboration of the Acqua Capannelle team.

The ancient spring has transformed into a symbol of innovation and tradition, bridging Rome’s millennia-old history with the latest technologies in industrial automation. Acqua Capannelle is not just water; it is the outcome of a collective commitment to excellence in the bottling and distribution of mineral water

The real PLUS for the customer: a new sustainable bottling line – with the retrieval of the decommissioned line

For customers like Acqua Capannelle, BBM Service is synonymous with return on investment. How?

  • BBM Service positions itself as a specialized supplier of used or mixed bottling lines (comprising either used or new machinery). The choice of used and refurbished equipment entails significant economic savings compared to purchasing new machinery.
  • BBM aims to estimate the value of the decommissioned bottling line and retrieve machinery that may still have market potential. Our technicians will handle the reconditioning of the machines to achieve performance similar to the latest generation, also utilizing our high-quality compatible spare parts.



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