Supply and installation of PET bottling line for Fonti di Posina

Montecristo Group, established in 2011 in Lucca, is considered one of the most prominent Italian companies in the mineral water sector. Since 2014, the group has been present in the Vicenza area with Fonti di Posina, a company active in bottling water and carbonated soft drinks. With the slogan “love in the water,” Fonti di Posina bottles “Acqua Lissa,” intended mainly for the Horeca and GDO channels. In 2023, in order to meet new production and market needs, Fonti di Posina will engage in a total renovation of its plant. BBM Service has been involved in the Group’s strategic choices, with the aim of creating a high-performance and sustainable bottling plant.


The first steps of the project involved the conservative relocation of a part of the glass bottling line, with the aim of separating the packaging of bottles into crates and cartons – the latter intended for export to foreign countries.

In just three weeks, the dismantling, relocation, assembly and start-up of the glass line was completed. The result is a line that is 20-30% more efficient, capable of producing 10,000 bottles per hour in four formats. Read the full case history

The conservative relocation of the glass line created space for the installation of a new PET bottling line. Again, BBM stepped in with the supply of a Combi Sidel Universal 2 – complete with blow molding machine and filling monoblock – an ACMI packaging machine and a handle machine. The used machinery supplied by BBM was completely overhauled by BBM technicians; the choice of second-hand machinery brings with it many advantages, including reduced delivery time (having all the equipment ready in our showroom in Lenna), convenient price-quality ratio, and a green investment. Overhaul operations on the line also included thread conversion to Gravity 2.

Installation of the machinery began at the end of March 2023; as of mid-June, we are already in the start-up phase. The result is a PET line traveling at a speed of 28,000 bph and working with two formats – 500 ml and 1500 ml. Among the bundle sizes produced: 3×2 1500 ml; 4×3 500 ml; 3×2 500 ml. The line bottles both still and sparkling water.

During the pre-testing of the machine, BBM Service also conducted basic training of two technicians on site.

A special handler: BBM Service’s pre-shrinkage project

BBM’s technical team has brought forward the integration of a pre-heat-retracting handle. The mechanism, designed entirely by BBM Service, allows the handle to be applied before the film is wrapped onto the bundle. The result is a handle machine fully integrated with the wrapper. Watch the video. What are the advantages?

  • Optimization of space, thanks to the elimination of accumulation tape/bundles
  • Upgrade feasible on any type of packaging machine

Upcoming projects? BBM Service is working with Fonti di Posina on a new project to repackage PET products using an automatic tray (PET) machine.


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