Turnkey relocation service for machines and lines for bottling and packaging lines

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Relocation Services for bottling lines

BBM Packaging is able to offer a turnkey service for complete line and machinery relocation. Our technicians can quickly dismantle, reassemble and test complete bottling machines and lines.

Our clients trust us to move machines and production lines, whether within the same facility or to a different site.

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  • Planning: time and budget are set. No unexpected extra costs, everything is planned and organized beforehand. The project is shared with the client, who is informed daily about the progress.
  • Reduced downtime: we offer a fast and punctual service. Our technicians are available during holidays and shifts to address any issues promptly. Additionally, we strictly adhere to project timeframes to ensure efficient completion.
  • Upgrading existing equipment: during downtime, improving it and adjusting it to new production needs, which helps optimize production.
  • Turnkey installation: ur experienced team can take care of dismantling, handling, logistics, and transport. We will manage everything from start to finish, including re-commissioning the equipment. You don’t need to worry about a thing with our turnkey installation services.


  • Inspection audit: BBM’s technical department will inspect and evaluate recoveries.
  • Conservative dismantling: we to keep the materials safe. They will be packaged carefully to prevent damage, and our technicians will make special crates for the machines to protect them.
  • Upgrades of the machinery, updates and overhaul of worn out components.
  • Reassembly and start-up: the line will be tested and the plant will be started up again.

No matter the industry or size, BBM can do the work well. This includes planning activities, managing lifting equipment and transport. We ensure the site is clean and all materials are disposed of properly according to the rules.

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