Many times a bottling company changes its machinery only because it needs to increase production and has new requirements, linked to the format or materials used, but this does not mean that the equipment replaced is old and obsolete.

Why used equipment? Buying used machinery means to reduce considerably the investment if compared with the purchase of a new one, and therefore minimize the risk of error when you go to invest in a new business or project.

Why choose BBM Service? Because BBM Service is a company with 15 years of growth and success behind, which establishes itself as a reliable reference point aiming at quality when it comes to bottling and packaging solutions. BBM Service is specialized in selling second-hand machines, which are reconditioned and updated to guarantee excellent performance similar to that of the latest generation machines.

BBM Service offers several advantages:

  • Warranty on refurbished machines
  • Assistance service with the chance to buy hotline priority bundles
  • Opportunity to customize projects according to every production needs of customers.

BBM can follow customers step by step, from the initial idea to the commissioning of the line, becoming the only reference point with which to interface for the construction of a plant that presents different types of challenges.

The long-term collaborations with many important companies in the food and beverage sector are certainly the company’s flagship. For some customer, BBM has only sold second-hand machines. For others the company has followed all the production or conversion of a line, helping customer in design phase, supply of new or used machinery, maintenance and updating of machinery already in use, up to commissioning and preventive maintenance in the following years.


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