In our workshops, BBM specialized technicians are testing an innovative technology for cleaning machinery and mechanical equipment, with the aim of minimising the impact on the environment. Compared to traditional cleaning, which uses anti-limescale or chemical degreasers, dry ice cleaning provides a number of incredible advantages. For example, very little water is used compared to traditional methods with pulivapor, and the discharge of pollutants into the sewer is avoided.


A TOP GREEN CHOICE: the CO2 from which dry ice is made is recovered from the environment, while dry ice sublimates and leaves no residue. Not using chemicals prevents abrasion of the surfaces and the toxicological risk of breathing in solvents or other cleaning substances; with a quick and safe intervention, it is possible to obtain an exceptional result, minimising the impact on the environment and on the people working on the lines.

The food and beverage industry is one of the main fields of application for this technology, due to the benefits of eliminating harmful chemicals and substances used on food processing equipment. In the packaging sector, the commitment to sustainable production is becoming increasingly important; the adoption of a cleaning system aimed at safeguarding the environment must be a priority for all companies wishing to improve in this direction.

For this reason, BBM Service has been testing dry ice cleaning on its bottling machines in order to verify the real advantages and with the aim of offering this service to its customers. BBM Service already has the necessary equipment to carry out dry ice cleaning: compressor, thermal container and blasting system. The aim is to implement the company’s performance in terms of process innovation, including in the cleaning and refining of equipment, and to expand its best practices in terms of environmental and worker protection. We are in an advanced stage of evaluations to produce green energy using highly innovative methods at all of our plants.

For more information on this technology, please contact us at We will advise and assist you in the cleaning and maintenance of your mechanical parts.


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