Nestlé Purina, the world’s leading company in the PetCare sector, is present in all market segments with a complete range of foods to meet the nutritional and wellness needs of dogs and cats, and offers services to help improve the relationship between humans and pets. It addresses the large-scale retail trade (supermarkets, hypermarkets, retail stores) and the specialized channel (petshops, garden centers, agricultural stores, brico, breeders and veterinarians) with a prestigious portfolio of brands: Gourmet, Friskies, Felix, Purina ONE, Adventuros and Dentalife present in both channels; Beyond present only in the grocery channel and PURINA PRO PLAN, PURINA PRO PLAN Veterinary Diets, Dog Chow and Cat Chow exclusively for the specialized channel.


BBM Service was contacted by Nestlé Purina for a request of conservative dismantling of machinery and equipment at its Montfort plant in southern France. The disassembled equipment would be safely transported to BBM Service’s firm storage facility in Lenna (BG), for overhaul and upgrade, in order to adapt it to new market requirements. At a later stage, the equipment would be moved again to the Purina plant in Portogruaro, in the province of Venice. An ambitious operation of conservative relocation, which would have involved many parties and resources, on both sides of the border.

Rilocazione linea di confezionamento Nestlè Purina

Starting in January 2021 and within a few days, BBM’s specialized technicians carried out the conservative dismantling at Purina’s French plant of a series of packaging machines. The dismantling was managed by BBM following all relevant safety regulations. The activity was coordinated with daily meetings and reports and with the elaboration of a punctual final document, shared with the customer. Once the disassembly was completed, BBM managed the logistics operations for the transport of the materials to the showroom in Lenna. For transportation, the machinery was packed on pallets to ensure safe handling and avoid any kind of damage.


The amplitude and optimization of our warehouse space allowed the client to use it to carry out the start-up and verification of the machines and a series of special upgrades, after the machines had been electrically reconnected by BBM Service technicians. Colorsolution, a company of excellence linked to BBM Service and located adjacent to the Lenna facility, took care of giving new life to the machinery by painting some of the visible components.

The overhauled machines were then transported to the Portogruaro plant for final installation, according to the new layout provided by Nestlé Purina. The result is an updated and performing line, relocated from across the border and realized thanks to an efficient logistics and manpower operation. We would like to thank all BBM’s specialized technicians, Nestlé Purina’s technicians and all the staff involved in the transport phases.

“BBM technicians worked in a very professional way, especially during the disassembly phase in France, where they were supported by a local coordinator during the Covid-19 period. Also during the assembly in Portogruaro, the company demonstrated an excellent reliability in respecting the safety rules and flexibility in finding alternative solutions during the assembly. Purina has been very satisfied with the organizational, technical and logistic support of BBM and will surely contact them again for similar activities”.

Andrea Spagnol, Project Engineer at the Nestlé Purina plant in Portogruaro


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