The cost of electricity and gas supply has doubled in recent times. In the first days of January 2022, the cost of the energy component alone quadrupled compared to 12 months ago. This is a real drain on entrepreneurs. It is important to adopt strategies now to reduce energy consumption at production sites.


We have invested in research and development of solutions to ensure substantial energy savings on bottling machines. Thanks to a studied combination of upgrades carried out on blow molding machines of the main brands, it is possible to achieve safe and immediate energy savings, without altering the quality of the finished product. How?


Without replacing the original blower manifold, it is possible to install an integrated, wirelessly connected system for air recovery management. The system allows automatic adjustment of the machine in operation, according to format and speed. It is possible to manage the auto check-up of the sensors and the diagnostics of each valve directly from the panel. An upgrade that can be carried out on machines from the main manufacturers. We guarantee a certain return on investment and a tailor-made service for you.


Precise and meticulous adjustment of the pressure required to blow the bottle to the correct size. Thanks to this modification by BBM Service, your blowing equipment can work at the required pressure and no higher, while maintaining the quality of the blown bottle. Each 1 bar reduction in pressure can reduce consumption by 5%. Why would you wait?




The new Ceramic Panels for Oven are panels with reflective ceramic walls, resulting in faster heating of the preform. By reducing the operating power of the individual lamps, the installation of BBM ceramic panels results in up to 35% lower electricity consumption. BBM ceramic panels are self-contained and self-cleaning. They can be fitted on blow-moulding machines of all major manufacturers and guarantee a return on investment in less than six months. In addition, the lowering of the temperature of the mold-holder mandrel in the bag area prevents deformation of the bottle neck.

The adoption of BBM ceramic panels at a dairy company showed an energy saving of 48%; the upgrade installed at a water bottler provided an actual energy saving of 35%. Can you believe it? Download the presentation to get a real overview of the electrical panels of a blowing machine before and after the installation of BBM ceramic panels. Our specialist technicians will be at your disposal for a free consultation and to listen to your saving intentions for #2022.

In addition, BBM has devised a simple and straightforward method to calculate the payback on your investment yourself. Click on “Calculate your savings for free” and, following the instructions, complete the table to obtain a real figure on the actual energy and cost savings you will obtain thanks to the installation of ceramic panels.


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