PET line installation for Acqua Dolomia. In January 2021, we were contacted by the company Sorgente Valcimoliana S.r.L. to carry out the installation of a new PET line, for new production and market requirements. Since 2008, Sorgente Valcimoliana Srl has been bottling Dolomia water, which takes its name from the dolomite rock surrounding its springs, in the natural setting of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park. The modern plant in Cimolais (PN), opened in 2008 with two glass bottling lines; in 2016, a new production line for PET containers was added. In Cimolais, bottling lines are made with the most advanced technologies, bottling water by gravity – thus without storage in accumulation tanks – and ensuring the highest standards of automation. Acqua Dolomia guarantees the preservation of all the physical-chemical and organoleptic features of the source.


Acqua Dolomia confirms technical partnership with BBM Service

The company had already chosen BBM Service in 2016 for an engineering operation on the glass and PET lines, the supply of new belts and the installation of a case packer and shrinkwrapper with electronic components overhauled by BBM. Again, the validity of the technical project and the positive outcome of previous works confirmed the choice on BBM for the supply and installation of a complete PET bottling line.

After an initial audit of our technical specialists, an area of the site was defined for the line to be placed. The space was obtained from a disposable glass line. Also, the layout of the PET 2 bottling line was completely overhauled to optimise the production space and free up the area for the PET 3 line. Work began with the conservative dismantling of the VAP line. Once the space was freed up, BBM’s specialised technicians began assembly of the PET 3 line, designed with a nominal speed of 16,000 bph with two 1500 ml round bottle formats and one 2000 ml square bottle format.

PET line installation

The supply of the line consists of: a Sidel MATRIX SBO10 blower, a Procomac filler, a Z-Italia labeller, an SMI dynamic divider, a BBM electronic shrinkwrapper, a Smipack HA model handle applicator, an ACMI P130 palletiser and a Bema wrapper. In addition, BBM supplied the air conveyors, bottle conveyors and bundle conveyors, as well as the line’s electrical cabinet. The supply was prepared during the spring and summer period. In September, the VAP line was completely dismantled in just two weeks. Two months after the first installation, production can now be considered effective.

We want to thank dott. Gilberto Zaina and his team of Sorgente Valcimoliana; all collaborators from Tarotrans;  Meccanica Italiana S.r.L. for mold supply, LogiCo SrL,  Imtec srl,  Z-Italia S.r.L. and Heuft Italia SrL.

We would also like to thank all Acqua Dolomia and BBM Service technicians for their work. In 2023, BBM’s collaboration with Acqua Dolomia will continue; work is planned to update the belts and install new machinery.

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