Since 1985, Fine Foods is an Integrated CDMO specializing in the development and production of products for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, medical device, and biocide industries. The four production plants are located in Lombardy in Zingonia and Brembate (BG), Cremosano (CR) and Trenzano (BS). Listed on the Star stock exchange in the Euronext Growth Milan market, it has made of research & technological innovation, together with production excellence, a strategic factor for growth and a distinctive element.


In November 2021, Fine Foods commissioned BBM Service to relocate a packaging line and upgrade it with the supply of new belts and an updated electrical panel. Fine Foods had previously partnered with BBM Service for maintenance and service. On this occasion, it was looking for a partner who could guarantee the turnkey supply of an automatic line in a few weeks, for its plant in Zingonia, specialized in the production of food supplements.

BBM took care of the relocation of a number of machines, including a scrambler, a filler, a checkweigher, a capper, a marker, a labeling machine and a packaging machine. The machines were moved to another area of the plant; then, they were reconnected through an innovative network of state-of-the-art accumulation benches and conveyor belts, designed and supplied by BBM Service’s engineering department, in collaboration with the client.


The installation by BBM’s specialized technicians began on December 27, 2021; on January 17, the work had already concluded with the testing phases. The result is an automatic line, capable of packaging up to 3000 cans per hour and designed to manage, through an operator panel, up to three different can formats.

We’d like to thank Fine Foods for the cooperation showed.

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