An actual success. The first workshop on industrial blow molding – organized by GS4plastic, in collaboration with some of the most prominent companies in the sector – brought together in Urgnano (BG) more than 60 professionals including PET processors, blow molding technicians and beverage producers. Held on 24 November at GS4Plastic’s, the workshop was designed to provide an overview of recent regulations for rPET recovery, the reduction of energy consumption in blow molding processes, and the potential role of artificial intelligence in solving problems.


Prestigious guests and engaging programme

The event hosted prestigious industry players, each presenting valuable insights and success stories. Notable sessions included GS4Plastic’s processing rPET in granule or flake form, REPI Group‘s talk on additives for recycled rPET, and Ilpa Group‘s focus on EU regulations on rPET from January 2025. Simex presented its brand new superventing moulds with low compressed air consumption, while AISent introduced revolutionary AI systems for plastics troubleshooting. Finally, Bericap delved into the subject of tethered caps, i.e. caps that remain anchored to the bottle.

BBM Service and energy-saving strategies for blow molding machines

BBM Service presented a mix of solutions to ensure up to 30% energy and cost savings on blowing machines. These include a system for air recovery management and pressure reduction, i.e. meticulous adjustment of the pressure required to blow the bottle to the right size. Thanks to this upgrade, the blowing machine can work at the required pressure while maintaining the quality of the blown bottle.

But the focus of the intervention was on BBM Service’s new ceramic panels. These are panels with reflective ceramic walls, which result in faster heating of the preform. By reducing the operating power of the individual lamps, the installation of the BBM ceramic panels reduces the blower’s electricity consumption by 35%. Freestanding and self-cleaning, the ceramic panels prevent bottle neck deformation and are applicable to blow-moulding machines from leading manufacturers.

Afterwards, BBM illustrated real case studies of interventions carried out at its customers: actual success stories, which showed how it is possible, in a few simple steps, to achieve immediate and exponential energy and cost savings. In addition, BBM offered an assessment of the energy saving potential in blowing plants, through an ad-hoc consultancy.

An interactive and educational experience

The workshop was not limited to presentations. In fact, participants had the opportunity to interact directly with the products and solutions presented. In the afternoon, guests were taken on a tour of GS4Plastic’s laboratory and were able to witness tests of extrusion and blow-moulding of recycled PET.

Networking and Continuous Learning Opportunities

The day was enriched by networking moments during the breakfast and lunch buffet, thanks to the comfortable and informal setting provided by GS4Plastic. The event was conceived not only as a learning opportunity, but also as a platform to build long-lasting industry connections and share experiences among bottling professionals.


In conclusion, the First GS4Plastic Open Day exceeded expectations, revealing a growing interest in sustainable practices and innovative technologies in blow-molding. We are happy to look to the future also through initiatives that will guide the industry in the increasingly competitive landscape.

‘The Open Day was a very interesting and well organised event’

Marco, process technologist


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