With BBM ceramic panels, up to 35% energy savings on PET lines

The new Ceramic Panels for Oven are panels with reflective ceramic walls, which result in faster heating of the preform. By reducing the operating power of individual lamps, the installation of BBM ceramic panels allows up to 35% less power consumption, resulting in cost savings. We will reach your plant to intervene even on old-generation blow-molding machines of all manufacturers.

Oleificio Zucchi Spa is among the many in food&beverage companies that have relied on the expertise of BBM to contain the energy consumption of blow-molding machines. The actual energy saving of 27% obtained after the installation of BBM Service's ceramic panels was measured with a dedicated digital device. The action of the ceramic panels combined with other upgrades, such as the lowering of blowing pressures and the recovery of air, guarantees immediate and exponential savings. We can calculate the potential savings obtained on your plant for free, also based on the nature of the polymers of your bottles.

BBM Ceramic Panels PROs

1. Energy and cost savings
2. Limited lamp consumption
3. Lower oven temperature
4. Quality of the bottle unchanged

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How we work: at the service of your energy-saving project

The ideal mix - The combination of the three upgrades on the blow molding machines guarantees effective and consistent energy savings, to avoid waste in this period of rising energy bills

Certified savings - We can put at your disposal a certification body, to have your savings quantified and be able to access calls for tenders and funding

Assistance - BBM offers not only immediate technical support services, but also preventive maintenance programs to maintain the performance of your equipment over time

BBM Pannelli ceramici per soffiatrici


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