For almost fifty years, Pian della Mussa has been bottling the pure water from the locality of the same name, located in Val d’Ala, in the province of Turin. The Piedmont plant stands out for the choice of cutting-edge, “zero impact” bottling technologies, in full respect and union with the surrounding area. At an altitude of 1432 m, the company has created an innovative hub for the production of fruit juices and organic beer.


For the Balme plant, Pian della Mussa requested the expertise of the BBM Service engineering department for a modification on a carbonator machine. The customer needed an update to the electrical panel of the machine: the previous PLC S5 had broken and out-dated panels, so it was no longer possible to find commercial spare parts. The situation made the machine unusable.

After an initial phase of engineering study by our specialized technicians, it was decided to revamp the defective panel only. The project involved replacing the obsolete panel with a latest generation one, while maintaining the same programs and type of communication as the previous device. This is an upgrade that ensures optimal and efficient performance for machinery compromised by the lack of compatible replacement parts.

Pian della Mussa

For the customer, BBM Service also carried out another type of upgrade: the modification to the Pyromat on the blow molding machine, which featured a temperature control now out of production and a protocol no longer used. The new pyromat has a series of additional functions linked to the type of preform and heating required by the customer. The current device can control the preform temperature and has been integrated with digital signals to control the various adjustment steps and instrument set-points.

Although with a prior phase of study and engineering research, these BBM upgrades require only a few hours for technical installation, drastically reducing the downtime of machinery and the line. Pian della Mussa chose not to change the entire saturator machinery – an operation that would have required downtime and certainly higher costs – but opted for an economical, quick and sustainable solution, wanting to replace only the defective panel. For the blow molding machine, the result is a modern and interchangeable system.

The engineering department of BBM Service knows how to identify the problem and understand, together with the customer, the most feasible and precise options to avoid the drastic decision to buy a new machine or dispose of the old one. Thanks to all the Pian della Mussa staff for their availability and collaboration.


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