BBM Service turn-key dismantles three San Pellegrino lines

BBM Service turnkey dismantles three San Pellegrino lines in just over a month: the extraordinary operation is one of the Nestlè Group‘s best references. Founded in 1899 in San Pellegrino Terme, Sanpellegrino S.p.A. is Italy’s leading company in the mineral water and non-alcoholic beverage sector. In 1997, the company became part of the Nestlé Group. In addition to holding the eponymous sparkling water brand, Sanpellegrino also bottles other mineral water brands – Levissima, Acqua Panna – as well as soft drinks. In Italy, the company has five production sites. The company employs about 1. 400 people and recorded a turnover of 893 million euros in 2020. At the Ruspino plant in San Pellegrino Terme (BG) is bottled S.Pellegrino mineral water, a symbol of Made in Italy. Here, with an investment of more than 90 million euros, work is underway to build a Flagship Factory, a factory designed to actively contribute to the economic, environmental, and social enhancement of the Brembana Valley.

BBM Service took part in the renovation of the Ruspino production facility, aimed at making the plant “iconic for the brand, open and transparent.” The choice of BBM Service confirms the important history of solid collaboration between the two companies, which have been cooperating for more than a decade on maintenance operations and upgrades on production line machinery.

San Pellegrino was looking for a partner to provide dismantling service for three lines amounting to a total of more than 100 pieces including machinery. Each line had a nominal capacity of 50,000 bottles per hour, spread over an area of 6700 square meters. The ambitious dismantling operation would begin in late November and be completed by the end of the year. BBM Service ensured that the work would be done quickly and that the site would be completely cleared.

BBM Service turn-key dismantles three San Pellegrino lines


Diary of an exceptional intervention

In January 2021, the first technical and commercial visits were requested. The meetings focused on the identification of special machines, which encountered critical accessibility and weight. Among the main logistical stumblings was the different positioning of the machines: some were located on a mezzanine, while others were on an embankment. The relentless activity in adjacent production lines made it essential to adopt systems to absorb dust from cutting materials.

In February 2021, dialogues continued with the technical analysis and implementation of a Dismantling Line program. In June 2021, Sanpellegrino received an economic proposal from BBM Service for a turnkey dismantling service and purchase of machinery that the Group would not redeploy in other lines. In August 2021, BBM began planning the necessary resources. In September, meetings with all stakeholders resumed to define the activities. Meetings related to safety and risk prevention at the site were particularly thorough. In this regard, we thank CSTA Srl for their collaboration in promoting the safety.

L'intervento di BBM Service per lo smontaggio chiavi in mano di tre linee San Pellegrino

BBM Service smonta chiavi in mano tre linee San Pellegrino

In October, BBM Service designated the role of site manager. On a weekly basis, it was verified that the work progress matched the action plan. An exceptional schedule of night work was arranged to catch up with any delays. Afterwards, the implementation of night work was not necessary.

In November, BBM Service identified what would be the packages to be transported and numbered them with ad hoc stickers. On Nov. 20, 2021, work began on compartmentalizing the work area with nets and banners so that no unauthorized person could access it. On site days, BBM Service distinguished itself by its orderliness: waste materials were properly disposed of according to the EWC code.

The actual dismantling work began on November 22, 2021 and was completed on December 29. In just over a month, BBM Service’s technical staff cataloged, disassembled, and moved about a hundred machines and accessories, such as belts, manipulators, and washing equipment. Some of the bottling machinery has been moved to the Lenna showroom, where it will be repurposed to provide state-of-the-art performance and meet new market needs.

BBM Service smonta chiavi in mano tre linee San Pellegrino

In total, the operation required more than 50 BBM technicians working simultaneously: thirty for disassembly, ten for logistical maneuvers-loading/unloading and transporting machinery-and ten for receiving and storing the goods. Between 6 to 8 trucks per day were moved between San Pellegrino Terme and Lenna. This was an intervention of a certain magnitude, carried out  thanks to the collaboration with Tarotrans Srl and Autotrasporti Dolci.

State-of-the-art equipment was on site, including 3 aerial platforms, 5 forklifts, 3 electric pallet trucks, 2 electric front-end cranes – one of which is 60 tons -, 2 lowbed trucks with special permits and 1 standard shuttle truck.

The result is a clean and clear shed, completely emptied of previous materials. Ready and already available for the installation of new bottling lines. BBM Service sincerely thanks all San Pellegrino staff for their helpfulness and cooperation.

“BBM has a name, but it is the people who make the difference. The total and absolute cooperation established with BBM colleagues, from management to individual site technicians, is what made Sanpellegrino’s dismantling one of our Group’s best references.”

Omar Galizzi, Project Manager, San Pellegrino – Nestlé Group


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