BBM bottling line travels over 350 km. Watch the video of the extraordinary transport

Beyond simple transportation: the exceptional transportation of a complete bottling line.

The bottling line completely overhauled by BBM Service traveled more than 350 km to reach the Acqua S.Bernardo plant in Garessio (Cuneo). The minimally mineralized water, which flows pure from springs in the Maritime Alps, arrives on tables with its unmistakable design of Drops designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, still a style icon today. Part of the Montecristo Group since 2015, in addition to presiding over national and international markets in the Horeca and large-scale retail sectors, San Bernardo is one of the leading producers of carbonated and aseptic beverages, both under the S.Bernardo brand and in private label. The Montecristo Group, with Acqua S.Bernardo Spa, Fonte Ilaria Spa of Lucca and Fonti Posina Spa of Vicenza, now produces 850 million bottles a year.


bottling line exceptional transport numbers

The exceptional transport operation is part of a project to install a 28,000 bph PET Line at the St. Bernard Spa plant. The historic Piedmont-based company sought BBM Service’s expertise to revolutionize water packaging at its plants. BBM designed the line layout and sold the used bottling line, confirming its mission to save and overhaul used machinery. A modus operandi that fits with the philosophy of Acqua S.Bernardo, which announced its firm commitment to achieve zero impact by 2026.

In its production area, BBM Service was responsible for the complete overhaul of the bottling line, which includes a premix, a blow molding machine with preform elevator, a filling monoblock, a bottle dryer, a labeling machine, a shrink wrapper, a palletizer, and the belts. Before and after BBM overhaul: see the gallery.

In its 10,000 sq. m. workshop in Lenna (Bergamo), BBM has state-of-the-art equipment for specialized overhauls and boasts the most advanced parts cleaning systems, such as an ultrasonic washer or dry ice. In addition, BBM Service’s large warehouse of compatible spare parts has been able to guarantee fast and complete “multi-brand” maintenance. Machinery for the 28,000 PET bottling line is ready for installation and line start-up at the customer’s site.

acqua san bernardo

bottiglie PET ACQUA san bernardo

The success of a 5.20-meter wide transport, despite the snow

Thanks to the well-established cooperation with an exceptional partner, Tarotrans Srl, BBM completed an incredible machinery loading and transport operation. In less than 12 hours, BBM loaded full line machinery onto Tarotrans’ exceptional transport vehicles, totaling more than 10 tons. The packed machinery then stationed in Lenna awaiting to leave. At 10 p.m., four trucks used for exceptional transport left Lenna with destination Garessio. The snow did not stop the bottling line, which crossed the roads of Valle Brembana, arriving at its destination the next morning.

What’s next? BBM’s skilled technicians were already in Garessio awaiting the arrival of the bottling line. Once the machinery was unloaded, BBM kicked off the assembly of the line, which is continuing apace and will be completed soon.


  • trasporto eccezionale linea di imbottigliamento

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