BOTTLING LINE MAINTENANCE: BEFORE AND AFTER. BBM specializes in the maintenance of blow molding machines, filling machines, packaging machines, labeling machines

Where? Specialized BBM technicians can either travel to the customer’s site, or overhaul the machine at BBM’s production site. This solution is convenient for customers who purchase a used line and need to overhaul it completely. BBM Service’s factory in Lenna (Bergamo) has the space, equipment, and expertise to take care of the maintenance of the machine or its components; by delegating the work to our specialized technicians, the customer can count on valid support, avoiding the commitment of its own resources and space. One example: the slip rings and taps of the filling machine can be conveniently disassembled, transported to Lenna, and overhauled at competitive prices.


  • Combi Sidel BBM Service maintenance

Combi Sidel blower-filler-capper. Among the interventions carried out: the machine was divided into its main components: blow moulding machine, filler and capper. After the inspection audit, we overhauled the oven chain in the blow moulding machine , the mould containers, the blowing valve unit, the air and cooling water slip rings. We upgraded the machine with ceramic panels and cleaned all components with dry ice. In filling, we overhauled the bottle transfer unit, transmission unit, water distribution slip rings and taps. We also maintained the capping heads and carried out testing.

Why outsource? In its 10,000 sm workshop, BBM has state-of-the-art equipment for specialised maintenance and boasts the most advanced parts cleaning systems, such as the ultrasonic washing machine or dry ice. In addition, BBM Service’s extensive stock of compatible spare parts guarantees fast and complete ‘multi-brand’ maintenance. The most common spare parts are already in the BBM warehouse, so we can avoid problems in spare parts procurement. For more specific parts, our engineering department carries out special studies for faithful, high-quality reproduction.

Our proposal – BBM’s maintenance involves two main stages: a detailed inspection of the machine’s current condition (technical audit) and a complete electronic and mechanical maintenance. After the inspection, only worn moving parts are replaced, while those in good condition are maintained and sanitised; compatible, tested and guaranteed replacement parts are used.

  • Etichettatrice Krones Contiroll Manutenzione

Krones Contiroll labelling machine. Work carried out included an inspection audit, maintenance of the machine carousel unit and transmission components. Then, maintenance of 2 aggregates with their cutting system and gluing unit. Preparation of the format change adapted to the customer’s needs; final testing and installation at the customer’s premises.

We want to work together to maintain the efficiency of your machine and make it live up to your expectations.

Innovative upgrades. Our technicians are able to view the data entered in the parameters, to understand whether the machine is working in an optimised manner and install any necessary upgrades. Some examples? A combination of upgrades on blow moulding machines to achieve safe and immediate energy savings; replacement of the oven chain on packaging machines, or replacement of the palletiser rollers with a brushless positive conveyor.

  • Fardellatrice SMI SK Maintenance BBM Service

Packaging machine: work carried out included an inspection audit, and overhaul of the separator unit, cutting unit and transmission components. BBM upgraded the steel mesh chain of the oven, and replaced the old electronics parts. We carried out painting of the machine structure and testing.


  • Minimised machine downtime
  • Optimization of production, which results in cost savings
  • Upgrades always included
  • Great availability of spare parts made in BBM
  • Possibility to contract maintenance packages for machine check-ups
  • In addition to historical service reports, our technicians provide small maintenance guides to maximise machine life


  • Manutenzione monoblocco di riempimento

Maintenance of filling monoblock (rinser and filler).

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