BBM reference: LCA 10T-S

Tailor-made automatic plastic case washer for bottling line: LCA 10T-S for the plastic cases cleaning.

LCA 10T-S is the innovative automatic washer system for cleaning the plastic case which definitely solves the problem of the dirty bottom of the glass bottles. LCA 10T-S combines the mechanical action of 200 rotating brushes with the cleaning action of the water pressure granting, in only 5 meters length, the effective cleaning of the plastic case with performance up to 50.000 bottles/hour. LCA 10T-S offers great flexibility thanks to the easy change over system which allows to wash different cases (5×4, 4×3, 4×4 be-hive, for different containers): through the touch-screen is possible to set and adjust different washing programs. The system can be completed with the soap station and the plastic case external washing device.

Technical Features

  • brand BBM
  • model LCA 10TS
  • available formats: 5×4, 4×3, 4×4 with different bottle formats
  • nominal production up to 50.000 bph


  • deep and thorough cleaning of the boxes
  • avoids bottle halo of dirt on surfaces

Options available

  • Side brushing unit for easy removal of dirt deposited during storage and transport
  • Pre-soaping station for combining the degreasing action of detergents
  • Standard beam trolley for transporting and storing format change beams
  • Cantilevered beam carriage, to override an additional row of belts