BBM Shrinkwrapper reel unwinder for separation of residual shrink film from the core of the reel. BBM Service's engineering department developed and built the first manual unwinder, a device that enables safe and automatic separation of the residual film from the core.

BBM  Shrinkwrapper reel unwinder for separation of the residual shrink wrapper reel film from the core. Today, the separation of the residual film from the film reel on shrink-wrapping machines is done manually with scissors and cutters, which often damage the core and thin the residual film. This dynamic also increases the risk of cuts in operators. Because of the numerous injuries noted on the packaging lines, BBM was asked to design a device that would allow the two components to be separated safely. BBM Service's manual unwinder meets this need, enabling safe and fast separation of the two components. Lightweight and compact, the manual unwinder is easily transportable between packaging lines and complements any type of shrink wrapping machine.

Technical Features

  • Unwinder size 1390 x 1240 cm
  • Max reel lenght 900 mm
  • Min. reel diameter Ø67
  • Screw expansion system for easy removal of unwound film
  • Board for depositing clean reels
  • Two-speed manual rotation system: FAST to reduce unwinding time and SLOW to effortlessly peel the film off the reel


  • Avoids the risk of cutting
  • Enables fast and safe unwinding
  • Compact and lightweight, can be easily transported
  • Speed up recycling by separating the different materials that make up the reel