BBM Packaging – Bottling machine reconditioning


The work on a used machine withdrawn from a previous owner, to bring it back to original conditions, is our key strength and that is why we are always training ourselves on blowers, fillers, shrink-wrappers, etc. We are very committed to who will buy the machine and the machine itself, because we have passion for our daily work.
The reconditioning work in BBM is carefully monitored by project supervisors, no detail is left behind, and the machine undergoes several steps to be reborn:

– Inspection, as it enters our factory we fill in a report about what to do in case of reconditioning and possible upgrades;

– Disassembling, to explore any spot of the machine and to decide whether it is fully operating or needs refurbishing or replacing;

– Cleaning and fixing;

– Re-Assembling, putting the machine back together, a work that requires the max amount of experience to be effective;

– Testing, the benchmark, we start the machine and we evaluate if any further intervention is needed.

It is not easy to determine the amount of work needed to go through the above phases, but BBM has developed enough experience to give customers a quite precise schedule for their project. Because a timely servicing is important, above all, for us.