The universal module is a 4.0 machinery that allows reducing the transport from blow moulder to filling machine, solving problems related to bottle transportation by air conveyors over a particularly long path.



Allows you to connect a blow moulder to a filler machine, of whichever manufacturer they are, even different from each other


Less space and less risk of bottle contamination, reduce water and energy consumption


Bottles with a lower weight or made of recycled plastic are often deformed by air conveyors

The module takes the name of UNICOM because it unifies and combines the two machines and has been designed to modernize and optimize PET bottling lines. It is a new machinery of the latest generation 4.0

The combiner is just one of the solutions that BBM’s technical department can offer its customers. Having an internal engineering office allows BBM to follow the customer in every stage and to create tailor-made solutions to meet their goals. These skills, combined with flexibility and fast assistance, have allowed the company to gain the loyalty of top players in the beverage sector, such as Nestlè Group, Coca Cola HBC, Refresco, who have been relying on BBM’s consultancy and technicians for years.

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