BBM Packaging has supplied service work for PET and glass lines of Sanpellegrino


Sanpellegrino represents without any doubt one of the most renowned brands in the world when it comes to water and beverage. The unmistakable bottles with the star can be found not only in Milan, Rome or Naples, but also on the tables of Los Angeles, London, Berlin and Tokyo, just to name some of the most famous cities of the world in which they are sold.

The brand native of Val Brembana, which is today owned by Nestlé Waters, is perceived everywhere as a synonym of Italian excellence and, to satisfy the high standards expected by consumers, it requires from its carefully chosen suppliers of materials and services that the same standards are at least matched.

As BBM Service Srl, we are very proud to be among the preferred vendors of Sanpellegrino SpA for what concerns the activities that represent the core of our business: we specialise in the offer of designing, assistance, installation and start-up services for bottling and packaging lines and machines, next to the purchase and sale of lines and machines themselves. We have been able to achieve this result, we can exhibit for some time now, thanks to the professionalism and quality shown in all the collaboration works we carried out over the years. As it is stressed by the CEO of BBM, Giuseppe Boffelli: “BBM Service headquarters are few steps away from the Ruspino production site in San Pellegrino Terme, but that has never been a reason for us to relax or to think we have some kind of advantage due to being close to them. In fact, we are well-aware to be in an hyper-competitive market, in which high-quality and cheaper competitors can arrive from every country in the world, in which the trust of customers is earned after years of good work and can be lost in a matter of seconds. This is why we put all our passion and effort on every service and job, every day, for each of our customers and even more for those who have entrusted us over the years and with whom we have established a relationship of mutual satisfaction.”

Today we work with Sanpellegrino-Nestlé Waters as supplier of services such as maintenance and assistance for installations and disassembling of lines and machines, but also for spare parts and the engineering of production line, and also the modifications on machines like blow-moulders, labellers, conveyors, fillers, shrink-wrapping machines and, generally, any kind you can find in a bottling and packaging line. The last work done by BBM Service Srl for Sanpellegrino-Nestlé Waters, at the beginning of 2019, included several operations, as we carried out three different services.

The first one consisted in the disassembling and removal of a labeller, which needed to be replaced on a PET line. These operations, which may seem easy to do, were entrusted to BBM for our proven experience and the guarantee of a quick solution. As a matter of fact, BBM Service Srl has always characterised itself with its customers for a quick carrying out of our services, always keeping in mind safety practices for its personnel and the customer’s. With our equipment (another strength of BBM is the offer of a complete package to leave the client with no problem to think of) we have removed the conveyors which were surrounding the machine and then moved the labeller successfully, considering also the very tight schedule.

For what concerns the second activity, on this occasion, it represented the greater challenge Sanpellegrino SpA gave to BBM. The request was to increase the efficiency in the selection process of returned empty bottles to discard (with the consequence of a larger number of bottles that cannot be reused) while keeping the same productivity, through a major integration with new bottles. The difficulty of the new-used “hybridization” project was given by the necessity, for the new bottles coming from a depalletizer, to go down from 3700 mm to 1100 mm in a very narrow space, in order to be injected in the line of used bottles, coming from a depalletizer and a sanitization process. This change of height involved many risks, mainly related to the inclination of conveyors and bottles. But BBM was able to implement a conveying system for the new bottles to reach the used bottle line with only two turns. Furthermore, BBM was the only company that accepted the challenge and met the deadlines. The combination of the two lines gives also the opportunity of obviate to malfunctions that may occur on one of them.

The last problem to be faced in the series of interventions was in the aperitif bottling line for which Sanpellegrino had planned the replacement of the labeller. BBM carried out the disassembling and removal and it was the only one that offered to do it without disassembling completely the machine, as it would have taken longer and Sanpellegrino needed to remove and replace the machines quickly to get back to the maximum productivity. A timely and precise service was the request. This operation was more complicated compared to usual ones because of the position of the labeller. To remove it from the line we had to study carefully the spaces we could use to move the labeller and, always taking into consideration safety measures, we have decided to lift the machine with our equipment. The activity required extra-care as the labeller was moved over other pieces of machinery and it was carried out successfully with the maximum satisfaction by the customer, also for meeting the deadline.

Moreover, BBM bought the two used labellers from the line, in order to be refurbished and put back on the market with our guarantee. The acquisition of used machines that can be recovered is a plus service by BBM which separates us from the competitors, who often perform only maintenance and disassembling operations, leaving the customer with the problem of taking care of the removed machine. “Our latest operations with Sanpellegrino represent surely a good portion of our activities and what BBM Service can do. In our daily work we go from the simple, so to speak, machine disassembling to machine moving also in environments with very little space and for which the personnel needs to be highly trained, for example to work at heights, from the engineering to implement a new machine to the engineering to combine two lines, permitting also a sort of bypass in case of problems. Not to forget the purchase of second-hand machines to be refurbished and upgraded to give them a second life and to get their performances closer to the new generation machine ones. Above all, we are very happy for the work done and the continuous cooperation with Sanpellegrino SpA which is a recognition of the quality of our activities, next to being a great advertisement for our services and all BBM staff.”, adds Giuseppe Boffelli.

The message we want to pass on our customers is that BBM is a supplier of machines and services which can follow the customer’s project from the scratch to the test and start-up, or we can intervene on already installed machines and lines to maximize their functioning and consequently the investment, or carrying out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on blow-moulders, shrink-wrappers, fillers etc. on a bottling and packaging line. But BBM Service is also a partner able to offer a wide range of spare parts thanks to well-structured and dedicated aftermarket warehouse. When we start a new project with a customer, our goal is to establish a steady relationship through satisfaction. And the only way to be sure that happens is by offering quality, professionalism and experience, this is the philosophy which leads BBM Service – turnkey solutions for bottling and packaging.

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