BBM Packaging offers maintenance plans to optimize the production line


The maintenance of an industrial machine is essential to guarantee the maximum efficiency of a production line.
Among the services of BBM, the maintenance activity is, for the reason stated above, to be listed as one of the strengths with a team consisting of more than 50 highly skilled technicians, who are able to offer ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on blow moulders, filling machines, bottle and pack conveyors, shrink-wrapping machines, tray forming machines, overlapping cardboard packers, handle applicators, palletizers.
One feature of the BBM service is the timely and precise intervention which optimizes the work to be done and limits the stoppage time to the minimum, guaranteeing the servicing and the replacement of the parts of the machine which need the intervention.
As it is stressed by Daniele Milesi, Operations & After Sale Service Manager of BBM, “A well planned maintenance activity avoids more serious problems which may cause a sudden stoppage of the plant or a non-efficient production, wasting resources. Our technicians, in addition to the intervention report, are able to give our customers suggestions about the best ordinary maintenance practices to extend the life of the machine and reduce interventions.”
For example, on a filling machine, one of the activities consists of the disassembling, cleaning and servicing of the components of the filling mechanism, something we suggest at least once per year, to be done in scheduled period to have a minimal effect on the production.
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