Our involvement in the community and our help towards the young  promises of Sport

The attention of BBM Service for the community. Over the years, BBM Service has established a strong bond with its territory and paid attention to the needs expressed by the local community. The path of growth and development promoted by BBM is aimed at concretely investing in social projects. This philosophy translates into active support for competitive and amateur sports.


Why sport?

BBM believes that the identity of values ​​between sponsors and sponsees is essential for the success of a collaboration. BBM has always affirmed the role of sport as a tool that helps the cognitive, social, and emotional development of young people. In fact, for kids, physical activity is a time to “switch off”, socialize, increase their self-esteem, learn to compete in a “healthy” way, and better cope with the disappointments and stress of defeat. In addition to the benefits of sport, BBM recognizes and welcomes its social role in guiding the growth of young talents. In the last year, in the sports area alone, BBM has supported:

  • Toscana Factory Team, a company that manages a cycling team – Team Corratec – one of the youngest teams in the world (average age 24.7 years)
  • ASD La passione di Yara, an association created to support the sporting, artistic, and cultural passions of teen athletes on an economic, educational and social level in memory of Yara Gambirasio
  • ASD Zognese, football club based in Zogno
  • Atletica Val Brembana, for the promotion, dissemination, and enhancement of athletics; the company collaborates with schools in the promotion of sporting activity among the youngest
  • DFP ASD, which promotes sporting activity in the motor sport sector
  • MotoClub Racing, based in San Pellegrino Terme, engaged in the training of new motorcycling riders
  • ASD Coppa val Brembana, which organizes soccer tournaments, reserved for players under 15 category
  • Pedale Brembillese,cycling team for boys aged 6 to 16
  • Bushi Karate,which organizes sports and traditional karate courses for children and adults

Added to this is the support for Honda RedMoto Racing, the official team representing the Honda brand in the main national and world enduro competitions. Since 2018, the team’s racing department has been based in San Pellegrino Terme, where a staff of expert technicians works to develop the best bikes for Enduro races.

In 2022 BBM Service hosted a solidarity event at its headquarters in Lenna (BG) with the participation of Sofia Goggia, Olympic ski runner-up from Bergamo. After the first edition of 2019, which had already seen the famous skier as a guest of BBM for an evening dedicated to the world of sport, the event was revived with an auction of the skier’s main racing equipment. The entire proceeds from the auction and the solidarity dinner were donated to the emergency fund of the Italian Red Cross. This year, BBM and Colorsolution wanted to support Lenna&20, a non-profit organization managed by young people from Lenna.

Lastly, BBM supports a number of causes on an annual basis, such as the Telethon fundraiser and the Lenna nursery school Christmas party. To these is added support for Cuore di Donna, an association that promotes various initiatives throughout the country to help women in prevention. Among the organisations supported in the Art and Culture area, on the other hand, is San Pellegrino Terme Tourism.

To ensure the strategic management of social initiatives, BBM annually defines the criteria, guidelines, and priorities on which to focus sponsorship and donation activities in the sports, social and cultural fields. The board of directors determines the budget dedicated to sponsorships and monitors the coherence of promoted projects.

For further information about BBM Service’s commitment to the community in which it operates and the context in which it operates, we invite you to read the 2022 Sustainability Report.

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