Thanks to twenty years of experience in providing technical assistance, and thanks to a large stock of spare parts compatible with the machines of the main manufacturers, BBM is the ideal partner for scheduled maintenance on bottling and packaging machines.


Givad Srl turned to BBM Service for periodic maintenance work on a Metalnova PET filling machine. Acqua Fonte Itala is a natural sparkling water that comes from Atella, on the volcanic relief of Mount Vulture, in Basilicata. The bottling process, carried out using precision instruments and advanced zero-emission machinery, takes place in Rionero in Vulture.

As well as transporting all the equipment and compatible spare parts required for maintenance to the site, BBM Service took care of the dismantling, complete overhaul and re-assembly of worn machine parts such as the filling valves, manifold, opening controls and jacks. The filling valves, as well as the neck jacks, were adjusted and calibrated perfectly; in addition, several guide forks of the rinser were replaced and the drives were lubricated.

During the maintenance, BBM Service sanitised the machine and cleaned the entire working area. Special cleaning techniques were used to wash, degrease and clean the machine’s components: one example is the ultrasonic washing machine, which is extremely effective at restoring the mechanical part and, at the same time, optimising energy consumption. BBM provided the equipment and products to carry out a deep and thorough cleaning of the parts.

In addition, due to new production and market requirements, Fonte Itala needed a new shrink wrapping machine, capable of covering numerous formats 4×3 0.5L; 6×4 0.5L; 3×2 1.5L; 3×2 1L; 4×3 1L. After dismantling and extracting the existing shrinkwrapper, BBM Service installed and started up a shrinkwrapper with PLC control, interconnection to the factory computer systems and remote loading of instructions. BBM technicians worked with the operators on site for start-up and commissioning.

BBM also provided a format changeover study for the palletiser. The result is a line that is completely up-to-date and performs well, from start to finish. The line stands out for its functionality, flexibility and high level of process automation.

BBM technicians have done an excellent job” – Massimo del Viscovo, director of Fonte Itala. We would like to thank all the staff at Fonte Itala for their helpfulness and cooperation on site.


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